The WG 4 meeting in Valencia included a WG sessions and a study visit to Las Naves.
The participants were introduced Missions Valencia 2030, which aims at València becoming a healthy, sustainable, shared and entrepreneurial city that creates missions that improve the life of people. València has been acknowledged by the European Commission as one of the most innovative cities in Europe in 2020 and was a candidate for European Capital of Innovation.
Las Naves is a Foundation promoted by València City Council whose aim is to promote urban innovation putting people at the center of innovative action. It accompanies processes and initiatives that can provide innovative solutions to the real problems of citizenship and urban challenges, strengthening the social structures of the territory, through knowledge and technology, putting innovation at the service of citizenship, to contribute to governance and social cohesion.  Las Naves aims to make of Valencia an innovation city lab to validate innovative solutions and thus to generate evidence that lead to quality decision making on public policies, evaluating them to scale up as public services. 
Las Naves works on innovation through involvement of 4 helix stakeholders: Public Sector, Private Sector, Research/ Academy, Civil Society. 
Presentation of Las Naves