Working Group 3

Pan-European Public-Sector Innovation Lab responding to and developing public policy

Undertake a review of appropriate key thematic social challenges to be addressed in the Pan-European Public Sector Innovation (ePSI) Lab;

Establish a Pan-European Public Sector Innovation (ePSI) Lab for social challenges with a sustainable working model;

Produce a working paper on ePSI and a model of governance supporting key policy-makers and supporting agencies that have a role in responding to and developing public policy.

The WG has been represented at ISIRC conferences  and carried out studies:

ISIRC 2020

ISIRC 2021

Update, April 2021



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Working Group 1


Chair of the WG 1

Dr. Nick Spencer

Working Group 2


Chair of the WG 2

Prof. Carmen Paunescu

Working Group 3


Chair of the WG 3

Dr. Peter Meister-Broekema

Working Group 4


Chair of the WG 4

Dr.Daniel Gabaldón-Estevan