Working Group 4

Quadruple-helix ecosystems, impact and dissemination

With focus on inclusion and diversity of dynamic innovation processes for social change in Europe, quadruple helix innovation models come to the fore. The Working group 4 will co-create a design-led tool-box to enable collaborative entrepreneurship in such multi-disciplinary models in the Pan-European Public Sector Innovation Lab (ePSI build by WG 3).


Sustainable outcomes of innovation processes and their integration into public and private life depend in different ways on awareness, or acceptance, or/and activity of different societal actors and sectors. Therefore, the aim is to develop a roadmap for different quadruple-helix innovation ecosystem partners to maximize the impact, in terms of developing a shared vision, sharing practices, transfer knowledge and foster learning of responsible entrepreneurship among regional and pan European stakeholders. 

WG Update, April 2021




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Dr. Nick Spencer

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