WG 2 is collecting case studies of ‘higher education programmes/ initiatives supported by social finance” that are multidisciplinary and innovative. WG 2 has planned a programme of collaboration culminating in a WG2 meeting in Reykjavik and the production of high-quality academic papers.

What sort of case studies are we looking for?

WG 2 is interested in gathering evidence on social finance in higher education. We aim to map higher education programmes and initiatives across European countries that are supported by social finance, including social investment funds, social impact bonds, private philanthropy, micro-finance and/or corporate volunteering. We are collecting Higher Education Institutions’ case studies that demonstrate the complexities and challenges of making social change happen through social finance. A template for structuring and developing the case study is available for use.

What are the deadlines?

1.       Deadline to express intention to contribute: January 20th (email: carmen.paunescu@ase.ro)

2.       Deadline for case study summary (following the template): February 17th (email: carmen.paunescu@ase.ro)

3.       Seminar: Exploring the case studies and their contexts: March 10th (08:30-10:30 CET) Zoom:   https://ase.zoom.us/j/2769618649

4.       Deadline for full case study (based on the template): April 21st (email: carmen.paunescu@ase.ro)

5.       WG2 Meeting – reviewing developed case studies and co-producing research output materials: May 26th University of Iceland, Reykjavik

How can you apply to attend the WG2 meeting in Reykjavik?

There are 15 available spaces for the WG2 meeting in Reykjavik, which will be held on May 26th 2023. The expectation is that those who attend are committed and active in contributing to the study described above.

This initiative has been developed in collaboration with Steinunn Hrafnsdottir (University of Island) and Mary McDonneli-Naughton (TUS Ireland). 

Template for the case studies