DATES: June 15-16, 2020

VENUE: Artevelde University of Applied Sciences Campus Sint-Annaplein Sint-Annaplein 31, 9000 Ghent

WG1 is organizing a meeting in Ghent on June 15th-16th at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences. WG1 members will come to continue their work which they started to do in the Novi Sad meeting. WG1 Meeting will follow two objectives: 1) Undertake an international policy review identifying the nature of multi-disciplinary innovation, social entrepreneurship and social innovation; and 2) Undertake an international review identifying appropriate design-led tools to support the Action initiatives. Team 1 has the following tasks: (1) utilize the case study framework developed in Novi Sad and the ‘Phronetic Approach’ to conduct a trans-national evaluation of Higher Education-led Multi-Disciplinary Innovation promoting Social Entrepreneurship and/or Social Innovation; (2) utilise the case study evaluation to scope relevant policy areas; (3) refine and formalize the case study framework and methodological process. And Team 2 has follow these tasks: (1) Review the gathered resources to cluster tools thematically; (2) detail the aspects of SI & SE at different levels (a. Project – people, insights, & outcomes b. Organizational – practices, strategy, & structure c. Field – policy & trends) supported by the tools; (3) identify gaps in understanding and areas of focus for this Action’s learning tools, in part by relating to the work of Team 1.


Selection of participants for this WG1 meeting will be based upon the submission of an ‘academic promise’. The promise should be no more than 500 words and it should both outline the work you intend to do in preparation for and what initiative you intend to take during the event. There are 20 places available for the meeting. The 12 individuals who participated in Novi Sad within WG1 with an appropriate ‘academic promise’ will be prioritized. DEADLINE: March 13th 2020. Applications should be emailed to: &