Our Cost Action representatives had a special session in the IFKAD conference which took place on 7-9 June 2023 in Matera, Italy. The conference was devoted to the topic of Managing Knowledge for Sustainability. Cost Action session was as follows:

A Critical Perspective on Public Sector Innovation Labs: New Directions in Managerial Practices, Technologies, Public Policies and Organizations
chair: Peter Meister-Broekema

  • Francesco Santarsiero, Giovanni Schiuma 
    Leveraging Public Innovation Labs for the Adoption of AI in Society 5.0
  • Maria Diacon, Victoria Lisnic
    The Digitization Process of the Poorest State on the Periphery of the European Union: Efforts and Trends
  • Paweł Krzyworzeka, Maciej Ryś, Anna Żukowicka-Surma
    Learning and Innovating Across Silos in a Competition-Free Context: Case Study of the Polish Healthcare System
  • Peter Meister-Broekema
    Towards a pan European Public Sector Innovation lab: Overcoming Differences in Context and Concepts in Theory and Practice

    Full programme of the conference