The Disability / Studies / and Social / Innovation Lab has been established in November 2019, in connection with the SHIINE project to provide a platform for debates and development leading to highly effective and innovative solutions to social challenges identified in disability studies and transdisciplinary R&D. 

The lab was launched by our COST action members from the ELTE University Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Needs Education, Hungray: Dániel Csángó,  Csilla Cserti-Szauer, Vanda Katona and Anikó Sándor in cooperation with other scholars from the ELTE University and the University of Essex School of Law, the UK.

The activities of the DSSI Lab reflect on social needs, focus on renewing our communities and support the strengthening of the social innovation ecosystem with quadruple helix solutions.

The DSSI Lab is following a bottom-up strategy in terms of operation. It is a learning community characterized by creativity and openness which mobilizes activists and academics.  Expertise and personal experience is considered to be of equal value.