The series is a contribution to our understandings of Design-led approaches to Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (WG1) as part of the COST Action (CA18236) Multi-Disciplinary Innovation for Social Change. The seminar series responds the Action task: identify and share appropriate design-led tools to support the Action’s initiatives.

Design Matters (1)

The first seminar in this monthly series, held on November 20th 2020, presents research about ‘Design for Complex Situations’ by Dr. Nick Spencer (Northumbria University, UK) and an initial questionnaire into design tools for social innovation conducted by Professor Serhat Burmaoglu (Izmir Katip Celebi University, Turkey).

Design Matters (2)

The second seminar in this monthly series, held on December 18th 2020, presents reflections on 13 years of multi-disciplinary design innovation education by Dr. Nicholas Spencer (Northumbria University, UK) and research about Public Sector Innovation labs by Dr. Anna Wielicka-Regulska (Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poland).

Design Matters (3)

The third seminar in this monthly series, held on January 22nd 2021, presents reflections on creative approaches to Social Entrepreneurship in the context of Higher Education by Dr. Zsolt Bugarszki (Tallinn University).

Design Matters (4)

The fourth seminar in this monthly series, held on February 19th 2021, presents reflections based on working with aspiring entrepreneurs in Armenia using a design-led approach by Arman Arakelyan (American University of Armenia, Armenia).

Design Matter (5)

The fifth seminar in this monthly series, held on March 26th 2021, presents technology-led innovation design projects. The main speaker is Dr. Romi Mikulinsky the Head of the (MDes) Industrial Design programme at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.

Design Matters (6)

The sixth seminar in this monthly series, held on April 16th 2021, presents a practitioner view of social innovation. The first speaker is Yilmaz Vurucu (filmmaker, storyteller, campaign editor) who explores innovative communities through his open heritage documentary series. The second speaker, Lauren Fridlington (Lead Innovator, Citizen, UK), presents ‘lessons from my (short) career in social innovation’.

Design Matters (7)

The seventh seminar in this monthly series, held on May 21st 2021, presents a discussion about Design for Responsible Innovation. Our speakers Dr. Molly Briggs and Lisa Mercer from the School of Art and Design at University of Illinois, USA will talk about their MFA Design for Responsible Innovation and the research that underpins it.

Design Matter (8)

The eighth seminar in this monthly series, held on June 18th 2021, presents a discussion about design for humanitarian and international development and design for policy. We have two speakers from Northumbria University. Dr. Reem Talhouk presents: ‘Integrating Experience-Centred Design into a Community Resilience Framework: A Humanitarian Case Study’. Dr. Anne Spaa presents: ‘How designers can support policy design; supporting policymakers through facilitating methods for reflection’.

Design Matters (9)

The ninth seminar in this monthly series, held on September 17th 2021, presents Josh Hornby a Senior User Research Officer at the UK’s NHS who hosts a discussion about design for inclusive digital services within the context of the UK’s National Health Service. Dr. Nick Spencer, Associate Professor, Northumbria University presents ongoing collaborative research into a systems approach to design for social justice.