Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem

Design & Management track / The Industrial Design Master’s program/ Bezalel academy of Arts and Design supported by COST, WeWork, Volkswagen Konnekt
Transportation is probably among the major means for creating an equitable society. It brings people closer to education, sources of income and medical services. As such, efficient public transportation allows for social mobility, as well as a physical one.
Planning public transportation with design tools, enables designers to put the passenger experience in the center of the design process, as opposed to traditional planning that will mainly consider parameters such as infrastructure, functionality and ROI.
In this recent workshop we have discussed the challenges and complexity in the current traffic situation in Israel. Among the questions and issues dealt were: how the public transportation system is currently functioning, the user experience and the future of local public transportation.
Five lectures by experts from Industry, government, and the worlds of design and policy were followed up by an extensive Q & A session moderated by Gil Markovitz. 

Opening Words
Hemdat Sagie, Strategy and Business Development VP, Konnekt – VW Group.
Roee Bigger, Head of the Design & Management program, Bezalel Academy of Arts.

Public transportation and the big city  – a lecture by Nadav Levy, Ph.D, Head of the Tel Aviv public transportation unit
User Experience in Public Transportation – a lecture by Guy Blander, Senior Product Designer, Bizzabo
The Future of Public Transportation in Israel  – a lecture by Shimrit Nothman, Community and Communication affairs manager, VIA
Moderator: Gil Markovitz