The Social Entrepreneurship Program of the Tallinn University (TLU) has the great pleasure to invite you to participate in a 2-day conference organized in Tallinn on 10-11 March 2022 titled “Teaching Social Entrepreneurship in Higher Education Institutions” as part of our COST Action WGs. 

This conference will be an opportunity to engage in strategic conversations about the diverging social entrepreneurship training methods and processes implemented by HEI stakeholders in EU countries. The existing assets from each participating country will be discussed, analyzed, and evaluated. The product of this multi-country, multi-disciplinary dialogue will be the elaboration of a recommendation document inspired by the best practices of each participating country. This reference document will establish guidelines for future social entrepreneurship training in Estonia.

We expect that everyone who will participate will contribute to the event by sending us a short report about social entrepreneurship education in your country by the 14th of February. Please fill it in here. This report will ask you to gather information about: (1) stakeholders, (2) curriculums and pedagogy, (3) SEE beneficiaries; (4) cost of SEE, (5) SEE outcomes in recent years. Your report will be summarized and compared to other countries during the event by us. This is a unique opportunity to gain access to new impactful information and meet like minded industry professionals from your neighbouring countries. 

How to participate? 

  1. Please complete your overview of the social entrepreneurship education in your country.
  2. You will receive an invitation via E-cost system if you are a member of this Cost Action. If you are not yet a member, you would need to create your e-cost account and inform the chair Katri-Liis Lepik about your wish to participate.

The costs will be reimbursed to the members of the Action according to the Cost programme rules.