National Working Group Meeting Application Guidance
COST Action 18236 – Multi-Disciplinary Innovation for Social Change [SHIINE], is calling members from all countries to organize National Dissemination Meetings, within the Second Grant period of the Action.
This call is a response to the continued severe limitations to the organization of international meetings and limited to this grant period ONLY.
The meetings must occur no later than the 15th October 2021
The application deadline is noon CET on 15th July 2021

As an alternative, CA 18236 is proposing to fund meetings at a national level to address two main goals:
(a) to promote quadruple helix stakeholder involvement (researchers, policy-makers, professionals and civil society); and
(b) to ensure quick and meaningful discussion towards fulfilling deliverables of all Action Working Groups (WG).
Applications are invited for National Meetings focused primarily on one of the Working Group themes. 3 National meetings will be funded per Working Group.
Therefore a total of 12 meetings will be funded.
National Dissemination Meetings can follow different formats
• whole-day conference
• workshops
• round-tables
The event must focus only on discussing CA 18236 SHIINE deliverables but can have a wider policy scope.
The proposed meetings must comply with the following mandatory rules:
1. Meetings are physical (although parallel, online streaming and participation is admissible and encouraged);
2. Inclusion of discussions relating to least one of the CA 18236 WG deliverables;
3. Include representatives of local, regional and/or national level policy-making institutions in the list of invited speakers;
4. Include representation from the Community, Voluntary and Social Enterprise Sector
5. Include representation from the private sector
6. Target an audience of at least 50 people attending in person where 50% of attendees are young people (18 – 30 years) and priority is given to female researchers;
7. Organize the meeting between the 1st of August 2021 and the 15th October 2021.
8. Deliver a short report of the meeting (approximately 3 pages using the approved format or a 3 minute video presentation following the same format within 30 days of the meeting being held.
NB: Funding for each meeting is limited to a maximum of €4000 covering the following expenses:
• Local Organizer Support (LOS) expenses (please check COST Vademecum, section 7, page 29); Note: The Local Organiser is not limited to the institutions from which MC members belong and e.g. could be an NGO or other organisation – organisations must be registered in e-Cost for reimbursement of LOS.
• Within-country daily allowance and travel (only if the meeting takes place over 100km from the home of invited speakers/attendees, through the daily allowance mechanism (please refer to Vademecum )
• For any question or derogation, please contact Dr Katri-Liis Lepik
Important note: in order to cover expenses, participants must be registered in e-COST and receive an official invitation from the Action to be reimbursed. Local Organizers must ensure that the invited attendees’ email is provided to Katri-Liis, the Grant Holder of the Action.
Proposals will be assessed by a team composed by the following Core Group members:
• Katri-Liis Lepik (Action Chair)
• David Parks (Action Vice Chair)
• Shane O’Sullivan (Training Schools Coordinator)
• Carmen Paunescu (WG 2 leader)
Please also note that the COST Association and Action’s Grant holder can request additional information to substantiate the information contained within the documents submitted by proponents.

Please send the completed application form to Katri-Liis Lepik